Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yet another example of Pirate88179's dirty tricks and the evidence he is a spy working as an agent provocateur on a web site called

The first image is of a post made by TheBuzz in a thread located here:


Here is a screen shot of the post made by TheBuzz:

You will notice that there is no notice at the bottom that states the post was edited even though TheBuzz had edited for small typos. It would normally display this:

« Last Edit: Today at 06:48:04 AM by TheBuzz » 
Here is Pirate88179's reply. Notice how it does not show an edit either?

And finally here is the email notification for the post that Pirate made:

Notice how he had edited the post made by TheBuzz and then went back and put it back the way it was? Since there is no tag notifying us that he edited the post, that is how you know the web site is rigged to prevent you from seeing that.

He has been caught changing peoples posts many times and including his own when he gets caught lying. If you complain, they ban you

Here is the next post made by TheBuzz that was edited for typos but not edited by the spy named Pirate88179:

Notice the tag at the bottom that states « Last Edit: Today at 06:48:04 AM by TheBuzz »

TheBuzz had made a small edit for a typo and so the notice shows up as it should. That is because Pirate88179 had not edited this post.

That edit notification is a standard feature of the SMS forum but it does not show up if Pirate88179 edits the post. Surprised?

This is more evidence that is nothing more than a spy operation targeting free energy researchers and inventors.