Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This unlicensed troll make the mistake of trolling Saint Buzz while Quarktoo was in rehab for weed addiction. (His forth try at going straight) When Quarktoo heard about the unlicensed troll, he broke the safety glass out of the nurses station with his face and was last seen running down the street screaming "I got to be me!".

Moments later Quarktoo reincarnated himself as Quark 2.01 at after taking over a local internet cafe at gunpoint and demanding 4 pots of coffee and 2 packs of Camel cigarettes. Quarktoo has been banned by the evil Hart-less-man for over a year now.

jbignes5 claim to fame is being one of the top 5 dumbest fucks that ever posted at The spooks that run the site were fighting over him to see who could get him to post the dumbest shit. Trust me on this one, nobody went home disappointed.

Apparently somebody tipped jbignes5 off that Quarktoo (AKA Quark 2.01) had escaped from rehab (Probably that fucking double agent Ramset who is in rehab at this time also) jbignes5 turned himself in at the American Troll Society's home office located in upper Manhattan. He was hysterical and screaming something about a naked troll jacked up on stimulants fresh out of jail searching for him.

When Quarktoo arrived to claim his points, he demanded that all the other trolls get naked and they subsequently passed jbignes5 around like a new inmate in a Turkish prison. Quarktoo was awarded 60 points for the capture after he was done signing autographs for the other trolls. He was cited for the gang rape however all charges were dismissed since it was Quarktoo that lead the attack or at least chased jbignes5 down first.