Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Suspension Reports

Date: 1/20/2011
Troll Name: Quarktoo
WebSite: overunityresearch.com
Status: Punished only slightly

After getting baited by a Canadian named TinselKoala into a pulsed power measurement question, Quarktoo offered more than he had and brain locked. A small cat fight erupted and Quarktoo realized he was wrong and apologized.

Quarktoo is being punished for apologizing and will receive another little tiny slap on the hand that he can barely even feel and an all expense paid vacation for three days at luxury resort. Trolls don't apologize!  The record shall also be expunged and so it is like this never even happened.

The American Troll Association would also like to invite all licensed trolls to the annual "Celebrate Quarktoo Dinner" this Thursday.at 7:00PM

Date: 12/20/2010
Troll Name: Grumpy
WebSite: overunityresearch.com
Status: License Revoked

Grumpy is hereby indefinitely suspended from the American Troll Association for the following reasons:
  • 1. Violating the American Troll Society drug AND alcohol policy. (Trolling While Intoxicated - Second TWI violation.)
  • 2. Trolling another American Troll Society member in good standing. (Cannibalism violation later upgraded to straight bashing and gang rape by Dept. of Homeland Security.)
  • 3. Embarrassing the Society by insisting you can solve a relativistic mathematical puzzle with vector mathematics found on a web site for third world high schools.
The drug, alcohol, cannibalism, and even homo tendencies are forgivable. However, the poser math issues will forever stain the reputation of the society.

With considerable deliberation and by the full counsel it has therefor declared that Grumpy and all his parallel AKA's are to be suspended until further notice.

Troll Name:Quarktoo
Status:Member in good standing
Temporary suspension permanantly suspended.
    Quarktoo is a legend amongst trolls for using way too much chum in muddy water. We gave him a little slap on the hand for outing the Society, which Quarktoo barely even felt. It was more of just a little love pat on the hand really.

    Also, the Society would like to recognize Quarktoo for all his fine years of outstanding and dedicated service. We are pleased to announce that from now on, July 4th will be celebrated as Quarktoo Day. This decision had nothing to do with free fireworks.