Sunday, December 19, 2010

Helpful Hints

Trolling is hard work and to meet the challenges, you must maintain top physical and mental condition. Here are some helpful tips.

Use people
Most people on the web are not real and do not possess real emotions. They are either working for someone or are a software program developed by our rivals. If you can hijack these machines for your own purpose, your score goes up substantially. Scoring no mercy points is the mark of a true professional.

Get plenty of rest
A long day of trolling can go late into the night. Plan your trolling around the other persons schedule. For example, if you can see they have a location on the East coast of the US, start your attack in the evening since they are near their bed time due to time change. You can grind them down over days and this will also allow you to get the last word of the day.

Be clever
Cleverness is often assumed to be intelligence. Remember, the difference between rape and sex is salesmanship!

Don't get emotional
Emotional people are not in control of themselves and you will never bring home the big one if you are not in control. Remember - Be an actor, not a reactor. Trolling is all about the reaction.
Less is more
Don't always make long posts. A persons intelligence can easily be judged by the length of their posts. Smart people have more thoughts and express them. Stupid people write in bumper stickers programmed into their underdeveloped minds. Your attack must be crafted for an audience, not a jury of scientists. Know the game space and troll in that space.