Monday, December 20, 2010


The web site is "Trolls Gone Wild". It was formed by a group of trolls that got banned over at All of these trolls are unlicensed trolls working for governments and corporations monitoring and suppressing free energy developments. Trolls galore and plenty of muddy water to hide in.

Half of them believe free energy is possible but are too STUPID see the physics and half of them know physics but are too stupid to see the free energy.

Quarktoo was immediately a victim of a gay piranha attack with MileHigh taking the bait. Rumor is HileHigh, ION, POYNT99 may have some dodgy X chromosome credentials.

When not forming a Freddie Mercury flash mob acting all gay over a teenage drummer, they pontificate their BS 24/7. Tora! Tora! Tora!

A highly recognized, licensed and certified troll named Quarktoo came out swinging but is quoted as saying "This fishing hole was different. It felt like I was being straight bashed by a pack of gay spider monkeys." He went on to say "Trolling a gay free energy web site is like yelling free NAMBLA sucks at a Queen concert. Somebody is going to get hurt."

Quarktoo's standing as a professional troll has been reduced for failing to observe Rule #2 in the Professional Code of Conduct. Remember! - Those rules were written in blood by trolls that came before you and they do not need to be written again.

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