Friday, October 26, 2012
This is nothing more than a spy and idea theft operation. Do not post anything of value there. Instead, use the site to hone your trolling skills. When TheBuzz disclosed how most electromagnetic free energy devices used displacement current as an accelerator to convert mass into the atomic energy contained within the mass, the evil Jews that run the site not only banned him, they deleted his almost 600 posts.

If you disclosed something there and later try to file a patent you can expect it to be used against you. If you are serious about inventing something, DO NOT DISCLOSE anything. In fact, you need to get a non-disclosure agreement even from the companies that supply the parts you buy to build your invention.

If you use the corrupt patent system, they will use the corrupt courts to block you by suing you over and over. NEVER take the investor money bait, that is always a trap. The only way to get ahead is to quietly help people you trust and share knowledge with them. The people you can trust are those you are related to or have known all your life. Once people get educated on how these devices work, they can't stop that.

The paradigm shift has to occur at the grass roots level and that begins with education you will not get in college. Learn the acceleration techniques. All free energy devices convert mass into atomic energy and all free energy devices use acceleration to accomplish that task. That is a law of physics that is real.

The way you break the back of a corrupt patent system is to ignore it. Anyone could build a free energy device for themselves.