Sunday, December 26, 2010

Troll Store

Due to the unsociable nature of trolls, we are not currently accepting new members so piss off.

Certificates and Licensing - Suspended
1 year American Troll Society license and membership - USD $19.95
(Includes professional looking wall certificate)

Other Services
Website Troll Analysis (WTA) - USD $99.95
NOTE - Only non-ATS (unlicensed trolls) will be exposed.

Enemy Trolling
For US $2.00 per post we will troll your worst enemy into destroying their own computer. You get to pick the pain and suffering level we inflict. If you cannot afford a professional troll, we have an apprentice program and one of our well supervised trainees will troll who ever you want. In fact, we are often paid to troll our own members but we will only do something like that for cash in advance.

Coming Soon!
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