Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Troll of the Month 1 - 2011

The American Troll Society has bestowed "with honors" a lifetime membership to XS-NRG for his tireless trolling of a scumbag, piece of dog shit, spammer and scam artist calling himself Lawrence Tseung. This troll detracts from the credibility that Pirate88179 and many others have done in keeping people busy playing with tiny levels of power from non OU circuits.

Even though XS-NRG was an unlicensed troll at the time, his tenacity, professionalism and courage under fire was so above average, by unanimous vote we have adopted XS-NRG into the brotherhood of ATS Trolls for life.

We would also like to award XS-NRG 400 bonus points as our way of saying thank you and we salute you sir. You are a trolls troll!

Since Lawrence was using at least three user names we are giving you 100 points for each.

Lawrence Tseung - 100 points
TheObserver - 100 points
PhysicsProfesser - 100 points

Since POYNT99 who is on the most wanted list and the mother of all scumbags vouched for PhysicsProfesser, we are awarding an additional 100 points even though POYNT99 is currently in custody.


Take note trolls - This is a troll on par with TheBuzz and Quarktoo. O.K., maybe not TheBuzz who is a legend in his own time and possess supernatural powers, but definitely on par with Quarktoo who is one of our finest.


Anonymous said...

You are da man XS-NRG! I slalute you sir!

Anonymous said...

XS-NRG I'm Jealous! I have been a professional troll since I was 9 years old after stealing a laptop from Radio Shack and have been trolling every day of my life since.

It took me years to get half thatmany points. Could you take me under your wing teach me the art of trolling?

I am a licensed professional currently I just need to get a break from one of the big boys.

Clown said...


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